Albie Snax vs Bass Treats


The last few weeks has seen the Albie Snax vs Bass Treats Facebook battles. They’ve mostly been focused on the ethics of evolving an existing lure to be a better bass lure. Which one will be crowned the winner by the end of 2018, the Bass Treats or the Albie Snax, we will have to wait and see, but the Bass Treat has one undeniable advantage over the Albie Snax for the European shore bass angler, it casts further. A key reason for using an Albie Snax rigged weedless has been it’s excellent casting ability and as the Bass Treat can be cast a greater distance, it’s logical that the Bass Treats is the more suitable lure for shore bass angling.

As of February 2018, we haven’t actually seen any bass caught on the Bass Treats, but that’s about to change as lots of capable Irish bass lure anglers already have them ready for the 2018 season and they’re proud to be using a lure made in Ireland.

Albie Snax Bass Treats
Weight: 14g 22g
Length: 12.5cm 14cm
Recommended Hook: Albie Snax 4/0 VMC HD Spring 7/0
Primarily Designed For: Casting from a boat to Albacore Casting from the shore for bass

You can buy these lures here Albie Snax & Pirate Lures Bass Treats.

Learn more about the Albie Snax on Marc Cowling’s blog, South Devon Bass Guide¬†and this is the Facebook page of Pirate Lures.

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