Bill Hurley Baby Squid


Lures go through a cycle of improvement until like the Duo Tide Minnow they’re as good as anyone can make them. Now it’s the turn of soft plastic squid baits to evolve.

Bill Hurley is an experienced striper lure guide from the North East of the USA and has been developing striper lures for a number of years. Bill was best known for his Cape Cod sandeel lures made with real sandeel oil, but now he is developing the squid bait.

So what has the Baby Squid got that was missing from the Albie Snax?

  1. Eyes
  2. Rattle
  3. Scent
  4. Hook Slot

Get the Baby Squid here Bill Hurley lures.

The Baby Squid is 12g and comes in two colours.

The lure has a little squid fin to increase stability.

The slot was not originally designed for a weedless hook, but a 5/0 weedless twist lock hook fits perfectly.

These are the original cool looking hooks. They slot into the Baby Squid. Great for fishing deep water hookups due to the exposed hook, but a nightmare at shallow weedy coastal marks. If you’re fishing weedless, that hole is free for a nail insert.

Eyes with a rattle inside. All lures should have this.

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