Fish Arrow Flash-J Split 7 Inch 20g


The 7 inch Fish Arrow Flash-J (so called because of the silver foil inside the lure) Split, could be the lure of 2018. The quality is incredible and at 20g it casts very well.

We tested the Fish Arrow Flash-J Split 7 Inch with a range of hooks and the Gamakatsu Super Line Spring lock was best. The hooks gap was perfect and the Super Line’s extra long spring lock secured the Flash-J well.

The Flash-J has a convenient hole for a Fiiish Crazy Sandeel rattle.

Buy the lure, hook and rattles at Lure Geek:

  1. Fish Arrow Flash-J Split 7 Inch
  2. Gamakatsu Super Line Spring Lock 7/0
  3. Fiiish Crazy Sandeel Rattle

The split tail won’t create much resistance, but if you’ve been brainwashed by the Albie Snax, then just cut the split tail off.

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