Xorus Patchinko Coating Quality Issue Test = FIXED


During 2017 a number of bass lure anglers, experienced issues with Patchinko paint flaking off. In some cases, water was reported to have leaked into the lure making it unusable.

Below is a photograph of a Xorus Patchinko 100 500G, from the 2017 batch. Note that the hook has caused the coating on the lure to come off in large chunks. This didn’t negatively affect the lure’s legendary bass catching capabilities, but at £19 you expect better.

Using the scientifically recognised, carving knife test, we went to work on a 2017 Patchinko 100 500G and the same lure from a 2018 batch.

We started with the 2017 lure below, which had already flaked on the opposite side while fishing. The coating quickly came off in large flakes.

The lure below is the 2018 batch, and despite using more pressure, only a small amount of the coating came off. It looks like they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure they don’t get the same bad press for this legendary lure in 2018.

Conclusion: The 2018 batch of Xorus Patchinkos, appears to have the coating issue fixed.

You can buy the 500G 2018 batch at Lure Geek here: Xorus Patchino 100 500G

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